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Script by Rock Artwork by Neil Basconcillo

Day by Day

Chris Muir


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Welcome to Rocks World!

Flying through parallel universes, Our Heroes do what we might wish our oh-too-real politicians could do, struggle with their inner demons. The Rock's World characters don't always succeed, but they never give up the fight.

Rock's World is a part of the effort to manifest the Truth that is so sorely absent in the Mainstream Media, and also now in talk radio and cable. It is possible to glean the Truth by listening to them all judiciously, and then filtering out the garbage and spin, leaving about 1% as approximating anything real.

Obama Fringed touches Truth in a much more real way. As do the characters in Rock's Toon. And, Chris Muir's wonderful Day by Day stands as a monument to young sexy liberals and conservatives.

We must join together to promote Truth in every way, in politics, news, entertainment, pop culture, and education. Truth, justice, and the American way!

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